1. Trenčín 56
2. MŠK Žilina 51
3. Trnava 41
4. Slovan 39
5. Senica 37
6. Ružomberok 33
7. Myjava* 33
8. Košice 30
9. D. Streda 29
10. Z.Moravce 27
11. Podbrezová* 26
12. B.Bystrica 19

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MŠK Žilina - FC Spartak Myjava
19. 4. 2015 o 19:00

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Football idols

Peter Pekarík

Peter Pekarík (* 30 October 1986, Žilina) is a player of the Slovak national team, currently playing for VfL Wolfsburg. The German club Hamburg SV is trying to recruit him now. He passed through all youth teams of MŠK Žilina and has become an idol for his professional attitude to his football-related and other duties throughout his career within the MŠK.

Peter Pekarík Peter PekaríkPeter Pekarík


Tomáš Hubočan

Tomáš Hubočan (* 17 September 1985) is a Slovak football back. He currently plays for the Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg.
He entered upon the first group phase match of the Champions League for Zenit St. Petersburg. It was on 29 September 2008 against Real Madrid.
In February 2009, he broke his clavicle in a friendly match against FC Chimki.
His recruitment into Zenit was the most expensive one among the Slovak league players leaving for foreign clubs. Tomáš Hubočan is just one more example of a dutiful football player brought up in Žilina.

Tomáš Hubočan Tomáš Hubočan


Dušan Kuciak

Dušan Kuciak (* 21 June 1985) is a Slovak football goalkeeper, currently playing for Romanian club FC Vaslui. He used to play for MŠK Žilina for five years and won the championship in the 2006/07 season with the club. The Greek club AEK Athens was interested in him. [2][3] In June 2008, he eventually signed a contract for three years with the Romanian club FC Vaslui playing in the top league. He used to be a popular player of MŠK Žilina and an idol for the youth.

Dušan Kuciak


Marek Mintál

Marek Mintál (* 2 September 1977, Žilina) is a Slovak football player, currently playing for the German club 1st FC Nuremberg playing the second league.
He left for the 1st FC Nuremberg from MŠK Žilina where he had won the Slovak national league two seasons in a row: 2001/02 and 2002/03. He scored 21 goals in the 2001/02 season, which made him the best scorer of the season. In the 2002/03 season, he scored twenty goals and shared the best scorer title with Martin Fabuš. He was awarded the Football player of the year awards in 2004 and 2005.
He also became the best scorer of the German league in the 2004/05 season, and the best scorer of the second German league in the 2003/04 season.
He played his first match in the national team on 6 February 2002.

Marek Mintál Marek Mintál

Hall of fame

Latest results:

  AS Trenčín : FC Spartak Trnava 1 : 0  
  ŽP Šport Podbrezová : Dukla B. Bystrica 1 : 1  
  FC ViON Zlaté Moravce : FK Senica 3 : 2  
  DAC Dunajská Streda : MFK Košice 1 : 1  
  ŠK Slovan Bratislava : MFK Ružomberok 1 : 0  
  MŠK Žilina : FC Spartak Myjava 0 : 0  

Top shooters:

1.   Jelić (MŠK Žilina), Kalabiška (FK Senica) 13  
2.   Mihalík (MŠK Žilina), Čmelík (MŠK Žilina), Pekár (Spartak Myjava) 9